• Qualifying Wish Recipient Requirement
  • Restrictions on Types of Wishes
  • Wish Granting Committee Process and Time Line

After Reviewing our policies you may fill out our online application below.

~ Thank you, Wishmasters ~ 

Qualifying wish recipient requirements:

  • Minimum age of 65 years old or disabled
  • Legal United States citizenship
  • Recipient must be financially unable to make the wish come true on their own.
  • Recipient must be cognitively, emotionally and physically capable of communication and experiencing the wish.

  • All Requirements must be met. Documentation may be requested

  • Note: Photos may be included and it is understood that they may be posted on the website and used for publicity and marketing purposes. 

Restrictions on types of wishes

Wishmasters grants qualifying wishes as funding and resources are available. Wishmasters also reserves the right to deny requests for any purpose in conflict with the mission of Wishmasters and will deny the following types of wishes:

  • political or legal in nature
  • housing foundations or reconstruction
  • bill payments or requests for cash
  • medical items including surgery or pharmaceutical items
  • physical assets including houses, autos, boats, planets, etc.
  • dangerous in nature
  • requests for travel outside the U.S., cruises
  • requests for surprise dreams

wish granting committee process and time line

Wish recipients and requests are qualified by committee decisions. Wishmasters holds monthly Wish Committee meeting to determine eligibility.

Requests must be completed in full including all necessary documentation and are due 3 days prior to a meeting date or they will be presented at the next scheduled month's meeting.

We make our best effort to have your response within two weeks following the meeting. Wishes, once granted, may expire for any reason.

Thank you again on behalf of Wishmasters for taking the time to complete this wish application on behalf of yourself or another.