Frequently asked questions

  1. How many "Wishes" can an individual receive?
    • Like the genies of old, only one wish shall be granted.
  2. What kind of "Wishes" can be fulfilled?
    • Wishmasters wants to fulfill wishes that warm the heart. For instance, soaring in a hot air balloon; riding in a parade; attending a ball game; or hitting that elusive "hole-in-one" on their favorite golf course.
  3. What wishes cannot be fulfilled by Wishmasters?
    • Wishmasters is unable to fulfill wishes of travel to dangerous or exotic places or purchase items like boats, cars, planes, medical equipment, procedures or shopping sprees. We cannot purchase items that are needs because there are other agencies to fill those needs and Wishmasters is about filling wishes and dreams.
  4. How do I request a wish?
    • For you or someone you know, you can download an application from this website and submit it to us or contact anyone with-in our organization and we will gladly assist you with our application process.